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SANTÉ Realty Investments Embraces Diversity with a New Board Advisory

TEMPE, Ariz., Feb. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/

SANTÉ Realty Investments proudly announces that Jameel Murphy will serve in an Advisory role in the company. Mr. Murphy is the Founder and CEO of ZAM Development. ZAM Development is a real estate company that invests, develops, and operates commercial and residential

properties focused on long-term and sustainable growth and establishing knowledge of demographic trends and consumer behavior. ZAM Development acquires stabilized assets, plus the development of hospitality and Build-to-Rent communities.

In the year 2021, ZAM Development expanded into land acquisitions for investments such as Build-to-Rent communities, Multi-family, and Commercial Real Estate, and Syndication.

In 2008, Mr. Murphy collaborated with non-profit organizations and large multinational banking institutions to purchase and rehabilitate homes for lower-income families. Some of the most notable partners include The Caring Source Neighborhood Revitalization Partners, Mediator Executive Producers, and Reservoir Dogs Executive Producers. In recent years, Mr. Murphy has invested in broadcasting startups for Atlanta's elite including 'Anything for Clout' with Jonell PR who holds a client list ranging from Tyler Perry's partner Roger Bob to NAACP award winners. Mr. Murphy's investment in the film "Mediator" has won several film festival awards.

Mr. Murphy said, "I've had the privilege of knowing Mr. Small through the Society of Exchange Counselors. Mr. Small is admired for his strong business acumen and as I continue to build opportunities in real estate, it is such an honor to partner with SANTÉ Realty and be part of its Board of Advisors."

Jim Small, CEO of SANTÉ Realty Investments said, "Mr. Murphy is impressively growing his firm and has rapidly evolved from doing small-scale real estate deals with family members into being a full-fledged syndicator. We are aiming for diversified growth and development, and I am sure that together, with him, success and progress are close at hand."

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