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About Us

Zam Development has a rich history in the build-to-rent sector and has successfully expanded our portfolio into various commercial development segments. We are recognized for our expertise in designing and managing rental properties that meet the evolving needs of tenants. Building upon this success, we have strategically ventured into commercial sectors such as industrial, hospitality, and data centers. By leveraging our experience and knowledge in development, we provide top-notch commercial developments that cater to specific market demands.


At our core, we have a proactive approach to collaboration, working closely with local officials to stay informed about upcoming developments in the areas we operate. By actively engaging with local government and community stakeholders, we gain valuable insights into future projects, infrastructure plans, and economic trends. This collaborative approach allows us to stay ahead of the curve and make well-informed investment decisions. We align our development strategies with the local vision, ensuring our projects contribute to the economic development and prosperity of the communities we operate in. Through these collaborative efforts, we anticipate and leverage upcoming opportunities, creating mutually beneficial partnerships that drive both our success and the progress of the areas we serve.


A prime example of our collaborative efforts and strong partnership with Marriott is the development of the new Marriott Fairfield Hotel in Gas City, IN. Recognizing the local governance's vision to transform into a prominent medical city, we identified the need for a Marriott-branded hotel in the area. The presence of a new 4-story Marion Hospital, an orthopedic hospital, and other ongoing developments made it evident that there was a demand for quality accommodation. Through our collaboration with local officials and in close partnership with Marriott, we seized this opportunity and embarked on the development of the hotel. Our joint efforts contribute to the economic development and realization of the area's vision, ensuring high-quality accommodations for visitors and supporting the growth of Gas City as a prominent medical and hospitality destination.


Embracing collaboration is a fundamental aspect of our approach, allowing us to forge impactful partnerships that drive our success and positively impact the communities we serve. Our commitment to collaboration, along with our proven track record and strategic diversification, positions us for continued growth, profitability, and positive community impact.

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Jameel Murphy

Founder & CEO


David Marroquin

Regional Project Manager

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Ramya Murphy

Founder & COO

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Rahim Murphy


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