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ZAM Capital Group Fund 1

Our commitment to serving investors extends beyond specialization in real estate developments like hospitality and built-to-rent projects. We understand the importance of a balanced investment portfolio, which is why we also focus on acquiring core and core-plus properties in sectors such as hospitality, industrial, and multi-family.

These core and core-plus properties offer our investors the advantage of immediate cash flow, enhancing the overall returns on the investment. We believe in providing a diverse range of opportunities within the real estate market, ensuring that our ZAM Capital Group Fund 1 caters to both long-term and short-term investment objectives. Your financial goals are at the forefront of our strategy, and we are here to help you achieve them.


ZAM Capital Group Fund 1's investment model prioritizes the interests of our investors by ensuring they receive their distributions before any other parties. This investor-first approach demonstrates our commitment to aligning our interests with those of our valued partners.


Our Fund offers investors access to carefully selected investment opportunities designed to generate substantial, tax-advantaged cash flow and appreciation over time, fostering wealth growth for our valued partners. Historically, ZAM has been able to source ±100 transactions, giving us the ability to be highly selective in our review process. These opportunities undergo rigorous review and vetting by our team.

Diversified Portfolio

Our portfolio encompasses a diverse range of asset classes, including built-to-rent properties, hospitality ventures, land development projects, and industrial assets. This diversification mitigates risk and enhances overall returns.

Protection Against Inflation

Built-to-rent investments act as a shield against inflation, as rental income tends to rise in tandem with inflation, safeguarding purchasing power and ensuring the preservation of wealth.

Strategic Leverage and Tax Efficiency

We employ a prudent leverage strategy, targeting debt of approximately 65% of all-in acquisition costs. This balanced approach optimizes returns while minimizing risk. Income generated from investment in private real estate can be tax-efficient, depending on individual tax circumstances.

Passive Income Generation

Investors reap the rewards of passive income, receiving a steady stream of distributions from our investments without the burdens of property management. This allows the investors to enjoy the benefits of real estate ownership while their assets generate wealth effortlessly.

If you’d like more information about our investments, get in touch today.

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